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A wonderful chat with the awesome guys at SickBoy Podcast.  Plenty of stories, humour and helpful info about OCD. Check it out!

Link: SickBoy Podcast


A wonderful interview with Nicole Morris, LMFT and mental health correspondent.  Tune in as we discuss all things OCD and parenting.

Link: OCD Family Podcast


Check out this interview that I did with therapist and podcaster Kristina Orlova.  We discuss how OCD affected my parenting, how I manage OCD around my kids, and whether my anxiety influences my kid's anxiety.

Link: The OCD Whisperer


OCD Straight Talk
Here's a frank and open conversation I had with therapist Chris Leins about some of the struggles of being a parent with OCD.  Lots of great content!
Link: OCD Straight Talk


An interview with Donald Grothoff of the Invisible Wheelchair Podcast.  Donald and I discuss the ups and downs of being a Dad with OCD, how it impacts parenting in the moment, and how it changes the way you think about the future.

The Invisible Wheelchair

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