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OCDad: Learning to be a Parent with a Mental Health Disorder

Listen to Jason on CBC's Sickboy Podcast
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Two-time presenter at the Annual International OCD Foundation Conference


"OCDad is a much needed and deeply personal look into the challenges of being a parent and an OCD sufferer...both of which bring plenty of challenges on their own.  Author Jason Adams brings a conversational tone but plenty of fact-based information on the disorder, and those in the know will relate to his struggles while others may just look at their partners or family members with a new level of empathy and understanding. Mostly, it's a story of hope as Adams navigates his own trials and finds healing through his family. A must read for parents dealing with OCD or any anxiety disorder, and a very helpful read for everyone to get a better insight into the inner workings of OCD."
-Wesley King, Edgar Award Winning Author of OCDaniel 


Jason Adams

Jason is a dad of twins/husband, author of the upcoming book OCDad: Learning to Be a Parent with a Mental Health Disorder, musician, and a guy with OCD. In that order.  He lives in a very asymmetrical house with his wife and twin boys in Ontario, Canada.  Click the link below to learn more about Jason. 

Photo credit: D. Sousa

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